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After my last post about the book (MODERNIST CUISINE ) and my post about the "Making Of" (Modernist Cuisine - THE MAKING OF )  here you have the pictures of the 30 Course Dinner at the lab AND the menu.



With these 2 elements, Play the game: which name for each plate??













































 Mushroom omelette




 King salmon with spiced butter



Jus Gras: Another constructed cream for the sauce: chicken jus emulsified with chicken fat.




Barbecue: Pork rib and a slice of brisket—check out the smoke ring on those! They're cold smoked, then cooked sous-vide. There are 9 different sauce recipes in the book, ranging from a traditional Kansas City-style sweet sauce to a centrifuged clear sauce. The only thing missing from the barbecue was my favorite part: the bark. The texture seems interesting though.


 Goat Milk Ricotta, Pea Juice, Pea Butter Toast, Cinnamon Oil



  Pistachio Gelato, Cocoa Milk, Black Olve




Caramel Mou:

A gruyère flavored caramel wrapped in an agar sheet. The caramels were really delicious—nicely texture with a distinct nutty creaminess.






Gummy Worms: Olive oil and vanilla bean flavored. These were made in a fishing lure mold.




Cannelés (MY FAVORITE DESSERT!) : The cannelés themselves were fine, if a little tough, but the whiskey cream again had that weird gloppy texture that the baked potato dip had.




David Chang looks happy at this meal... I would be for sure!


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