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Essence of Millennial Olive Trees ›K Extra Virgin Olive Oil only comes from registered and certified native Farga olive trees over 1000 years old, and many are over 2000 years old.


In the last census held in 2009, 4080 Millennial Olive Trees were counted. For an olive tree to be millennial, it must have a minimum perimeter of 3.5 metres, measured 1.30 metres from the ground. Many of these olive trees have perimeters of 6 metres (bimillennial) and some have 9 metres. With this we have an idea of the grandeur and majesty of the Millennial Olive Trees of Maestrazgo. No other place in the world has such a large number of these trees.


Harvesting the olives is only done manually using the "milking" method at the optimum moment of ripening (last week of October and/or the first week of November). During this process exhaustive controls are carried out to verify the olives only come from registered and certified Millennial Olive Trees.


To produce the oil, the olives are pressed the same day they are harvested to obtain oil of exceptional quality. Olives with any anomaly that could negatively affect the oil are thrown out. As a result of all this thorough work we obtain >K olive oil, an oil with great body, a pleasant flavour, subtle, sweet and with pronounced personality related to the speed with which it is harvested. It has a golden yellow colour with green reflections at the beginning of the season. On the palate it reminds one of green apple peel and green almonds.


Olive oil tasting note by Oleoturismia Miss Mar Luna Villacañas:



Quite fruity at first, then weakens to become a light, gentle but complex aroma of unripe green apple and Conference pear-skins. Fresh citrus overtones of lime suggesting a lightness on the palate.


On the palate:

It is so light on the palate that it does not seem like oil... the green bouquet tones become that of ripe lemon peel. No tingling or bitter taste, just a citrus sensation with perhaps a touch of spice. Traces of fennel and Amaretto surface.

Visually, this oil is a golden-straw colour, and is smooth flowing which could lead the false belief that it has no body either on the palate or in bouquet.


As a whole, this oil is exciting both for its contents and its packaging.

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