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29 diciembre 2010 3 29 /12 /diciembre /2010 19:55

This year, like the rest of the decade, there has been intense for the gastronomic. The air of crisis has not halted the proposed consolidation of cutting edge, but have forced a rethinking of business and to enhance the ingredients of creativity and imagination. The menu was varied.


- The culture of the lid. The minibocado, skewer, miniature kitchen ... As whatever name, the cover has been established as new business as well as exportable food option. So state officials have taken it as a raw material Gastrotur, exploiting the international tug of Ferran Adrià and using it as an ambassador. Figures like Dani Garcia, Quique Dacosta and Francis Paniego have been launched to open in major Spanish cities gastrobares (haute cuisine at affordable prices.) The phenomenon also gastrobar renowned chefs have taken in Paris, London or New York. The Galician Abastos 2.0 is an example of market restaurant, located and supplied in the same market.


- Recycling of elBulli. The announcement at the Madrid Fusion conference in January that closed elBulli two years (2012 and 2013) caused a sensation. The famous temple of Cala Montjoi will reopen in 2014 converted into a foundation and center of creativity. Economic injection will Telefonica, which signed a major agreement on technological cooperation with Adrià. Another milestone was led by the chef landing at Harvard, in a science and cooking courses organized by the American University and the Foundation Alicia.


- Enthronement of Nordic cuisine: Adrià After five years on the throne of the best chef in the world, Restaurant Magazine this year named him as a great chef of the decade but clinched Danish René Redzepi (Noma). Marks the settlement of the Nordic food and power, with the kitchen as a primary ingredient. Another Dane, Rasmus Koefoed (Geranium) won the European final of the Bocuse d'Or.


- World Heritage Site. Thus Unesco declared the Mediterranean diet, an incentive to return to good eating habits in a world where increasing obesity and fast food abuse questions the nutritional habits. Mexican cuisine and the gourmet cuisine of France also won the recognition of assets.


- The undisputed queen of the cocktail. Tropical fruit, beer or coffee, with and without alcohol ... Cocktail bars lining the city, where there are increasing local openings. In its heyday has a lot to see the female passion for long drinks.


- 'Glamour' packaging. Bottled as perfume oils, tea wrapped in silk, luxurious look cans and signs of memories nineteenth minimalist, self-sealing bags to keep flavors, bricks that take up little space in the fridge ... The new packaging amazed at the supermarket and in the cupboards at home.


- Wines with soul. Grapes of land and natural processes in front of the standardization of imported grapes mark the path of the new Spanish wines, with young and restless vintners. And much feminine name.


- Naturalism cooking. Be ecochef is more than a fad. The use of seasonal products, the implementation of gardens next to the restaurant, working with artisans and brake suppliers consumption of bluefin tuna and other species at risk has been implemented in sustainable holders.


- Meals on Wheels. The food trucks or wagons and caravans converted into mobile restaurants sweep in American cities. It is another business deal with the crisis and the high cost of rental of premises.


- Menu Network. Communicate menus and reservations and suggestions received through social networks like Twitter and Facebook is becoming a growing practice.


- Stars and events. Pinch David Muñoz (Diverxo) took the national prize of Gastronomy. Michelin stars for the 2011 guide were again scarce in the Spanish sky. Although there was a new (Ángel León, Paco Morales, Torres twins ...) neither Quique Dacosta and Andoni Luis Aduriz achieved a deserved third. Aduriz spent a tough year: Mugaritz restaurant suffered a fire in February but rose again in record time with an ultra-modern kitchen and jumped onto the theatrical scene with the Fura dels Baus.

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