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Outside, there is no signage.

Same way as in Tokyo.

You really must know the address if you want to come to Soy.

A few tables and a bar to sample the best of Japanese cuisine in Madrid.

Same tastes as in Japan.
So good and sweet...

The atmosphere is intimate, so, take your time.
The tasting menu of 10 dishes is a poem.





SL373728  Chicken nori in tempura





SL373730   mussels salad with yuzu mousse




SL373731   sea bream tartare




SL373732  tuna tartare with fish eggs, quail egg and avocado



SL373734   dobin mushi





sushis. the anchovies sushi is an original chef's creation






sea ortguill one of the most delicious tempura I had ever ate







The name of this plate is Saika, 6 years old Chef's daughter.

I understood why when I tated it.

These maki are not wrapped up in a nori sheet, the are made in a soft and sweet tofu sheet.

Inside, a delicate eel.




SL373739   eggplant tempura stuffed with shrimps





 for the dessert a very design rice ball with tea ice-cream inside... a Japanese coulant??







Domo Arigato Gozaimasu to Pedro Espina for this zen, tasty, soft, sweet and peacefull food.



Price for the 10 courses Menu: 65 Euros (March 2011)


C/ Viriato, 58
28010 Madrid, Espagne
+34 914 457 447









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