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15 marzo 2011 2 15 /03 /marzo /2011 23:07



The Flemish Primitives (Oostende, Belgium) is one of my favorites culinary events.


Well, you know that you can play piano with 4 hands.... at the Flemish Primitives you can cook with 4 hands.

And when Bras meets Redzepi, you don´t get a plate at the end, you get poetry.



I attended the 3 hours Masterclass of Josean Martinez (Guggenheim Bilbao, Spain).

The master of the sauces.

The master is not enough: THE WIZARD!


10 plates, people really happy and such a nice tastes.....

Josean is talented, follow him.

The new generation of starred Chefs is ready!




SL373866.JPG  The Flemish Primitives at Oostende Kursaal





arrival to The Flemish Primitives with such a cute Vespa and S. Pellegrino Topolino!!!







Ingredients ready for the Masterclass !






Chef Josean Martinez looks like a teacher during the Masterclass!





SL373881      SL373941


Preparation and finished first plate: peas mousse with egg




SL373886    SL373890


Mixing for the first consomé




SL373897     SL373900


Final plate (with the above consomé) oignons balls with lemongrasss and oysters consomé





SL373902     SL373915


Vacum cabbage low temperature cook with rheum



SL373923                          SL373939



Tomatoes in tomato juice with tomato extract inside......


I tasted it.... really, really good.











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