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12 marzo 2011 6 12 /03 /marzo /2011 21:08




Here I am.

In front of a pink painted building where I can read: Arzak 1897

Authentic and discreet.

But I have to admit I was somewhat suspicious when I first saw the building and I asked my taxi driver if he was sure about the address...


Push the door.

Feel strange.

How could I make a culinary critic about this Food Cathedral?


The experience of eating at Arzak is unlike any other.

The enthusiasm of the chef and his daughter is translated to the whole staff.

It creates anticipation and higher and higher expectations at every dish.

Yet it never disappoints.







The atmosphere is elegant, modern and intimate.




SL373317     SL373318






A myriad of avant-garde amuse bouches are served together. All these bite-sized treats peak my curiosity.

Tomato spherification with azote. Pig blood soup. Corn soup. Mussel with bread.





Foie-gras Cromlech.

Elena Arzak told me she got inspired once, walking in the lands, seeing these megalithics monuments.

The result is great: fresh foie, oignons mamelade, veggies powder and this very light obelisc done with mexican flour.






Lobster with flowers sauce and copaiba.

The land and the sea together.

Delicious Lobster, makes me think about Thomas Keller's one.





Egg with earth mouvement.

Fresh egg from "caserio" (basque farm) cooked at low temperature.

My favorite plate.






Seabass at low tide.

You have the sea in your mouth!

The "sand" is done with mussels powder and the shells are done with fish meat as well.

Red coral is in fact seaweed. Hard to eat it strange feeling.




Balls game in the ground.

So original!

Ball are filled with liquid chocolate.




SL373329    SL373330

Sommeliers opening a very very old bottle...





What about ironmonger's with the coffee??

So funny!





Thanks to Elena and Juan Mari for this full day reportage.

You can read the published interview here:  ELENA ARZAK INTERVIEW



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